Hello! it's been ages since the last post. sorry! by the way, i am Aiman Nabilah. this blog no longer shared with my brother since he don't really want to blog his pictures. start from now on, this blog is mine. yes! it is Aiman Nabilah Photoblog. aiceh! so i've changed the URL to :)

and for now, this is all i have. i don't really satisfied with this layout! i'm still working on it. so sorry if it a bit messy. i'm also still working on great name for this blog (not only for blog, but also as my identity to my business aiceh!) and also for the logo. if you have some great name idea, tell me! i also do design sometime.

so that's all. welcome to Aiman Nabilah Photoblog :D

have a nice day!

//c&c needed!
//sorry for bad grammar -.-

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